The Potential of Thought Waves






If you keep thinking the same sort of thoughts, you will be using the same neural pathways, the electro magnetic field you are generating will be of the same frequency, and so the effect you have on the world around you will follow a pattern.  If you continue to think the same thoughts you will continue to experience the same things. It is encoded in the energetic imprint that you are resonating out into the world around you. By changing your thoughts, you change the energetic pattern that you emit, and you will then affect the potentiality waves of the universe in a different way, thus giving you a different outcome.

















Every one of us lives in our own world. Our own dimension, our own version of reality. There is no one universe, one world, one reality. The possibilities are endless. There are waves of pure potential that exist all around us.

The double slit experiments in quantum physics have shown that particles behave differently when they are being observed. They behave differently. It is like they know they are being watched. Which is weird.  Until attention is focused on these particles they are pure potential. They can be anywhere, and everywhere, all at once. They are waves of potential. But as soon as attention is focused on them the wave formation breaks down and one actuality is realised. The thoughts you have can affect that breakdown of wave formation and influence the outcome.

Your brain works like a computer, once you have programmed a neural pathway in then the more often you run that program the faster and more easily it is accessed. Soon you don’t have to even think about it, once the mechanism is triggered the program just runs automatically. Over time, the pathways we no longer use are cleaned up, freeing up space on the human hard drive for patterns that we do use regularly. These pathways determine not only what experiences we create, they also determine how we will respond to those events.

The most important thing you can do in your life is learn to control your mind. The key to the universe is your mind. You create your reality entirely from your mind. Your thoughts and beliefs determine not only your actions, but they directly affect the energy around you that creates your world.

Everything we perceive is filtered through our belief system. Much of the information around us is deleted by the mind because there is just far too much data for our brains to cope with at any one given time. Of the two million or so bits of data coming at us we apparently only take in five to six bits. That’s it. Five to six bits. Everything else just doesn’t register. The few pieces of data that do make it through our filters are based on our belief system. It is what we believe that determines what gets through. We then manipulate this information to fit in with our belief system, we distort it and generalise it to make it all fit in consistently with what we perceive to be reality.

The key to changing this process is changing what and how we think. When you change what you think, you change the neural pathways that you are using. This generates a different electro magnetic field which influences the universal waves of potential in a different way. This manifests as a different reality. This change in thought patterns also affects the five to six pieces of information we receive, and the way we distort that information.

Whatever we expect the world to be is what we get from it. We think the same thoughts, generate the same energetic fields, influence the potential of existence in the same manner, and then only perceive whatever fits into that same energetic blueprint that we live by. Anything that is outside of our belief system really does not exist for us. We cannot access it.

So changing what you think can change what you experience in the physical world, how you perceive those experiences, and how you relate to the world around you.

By learning to control what you think, you can manipulate the potential that surrounds you to transform into a reality you desire. If your thoughts are going to influence your environment anyway then you may as well influence it in a direction that you want. You will begin to see things differently because you are filtering different information, and you will be experiencing different things because your effect on the world around you is different.

Life is in the moment. This moment right now you have the power to choose what you think, and that is going to determine the reality you experience. Release the need to struggle. Relax into life and let it work for you. Get curious about what sort of thoughts have created the life you have now, and what sort of thoughts will create the life you want.

Your options are endless, literally anything you can think of because what we are dealing with here are actually thoughts. There is always another way of looking at things, an alternative perspective, an alternate view on reality.


Find a different way to view your world. Look around at what you call reality and then ask yourself "What else might be true?" The possibilities really are endless.