What ever you are experiencing right now is a reflection of your self. You are projecting your thoughts and feelings out into the world, and what is reflected back to you is what you believe to be reality.  What we are perceiving as sights and sounds is just data being received through entirely human senses, filters and concepts. There is no such thing as an objective reality.



Take a look at some areas of your life that are not progressing the way you would like and then ask yourself; what else might be true? Changing the way we look at a situation is the key to actually changing the situation.

The universe is made up of waves of pure potential. Quantum physics has shown with the double-slit experiment that the outcome of these waves is not determined until we observe them. When we focus our attention on something we give it the power to transform from pure potential to one specific actuality. We determine the events that surround us, our perceived reality. And if we determine our own reality then we have the ability to control it. By being mindful and conscious of the thoughts we choose, we can influence our environment and experiences.

Keep on asking yourself: What else could be true? In all areas of your life. Examine your thoughts and beliefs and how they affect your reality. Get curious about the endless possibilities going on around you every moment.


Even while you sleep you are producing thought patterns and energies that are creating your life. Live consciously.

Cat with Third Eye
My name is Lauren and I am a Psychic Philosopher specializing in tarot reading and dream interpretation.
Mr Kabubali is my small but completely insane dog who shares my life, my love, and my weirdness.