My articles are published on the LifeReader website under my middle name - Gail.

Simplifying life enables us to lighten our load and become the true and wonderous beings that we are meant to be. Free to enjoy life in all of its many facets; abundant and loving and expansive. Simplify what is deeply important: Let go of everything else, and enrich your experiences with love and gratitude.

There is no escaping love. The biggest obstacle we face in love is just accepting it. We have the power to choose love above all other responses. To respond, not react. You have the power to choose love in every situation that you encounter.

What are you choosing to experience?

Are you looking for true, divine, cosmic love? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe love is looking for you?

When you stop blocking love and limiting its flow you can accept and embrace all of the wonderous gifts the universe wants to give you. Love is your divine birthright, allow the universe to bestow it upon you. Allow the love that you seek to find you.

The most straightforward way to achieve your desires is to align your words, thoughts, emotions and actions all towards the same outcome. Life is energy in motion. We are always moving, make sure it is in the direction you want to be heading. Get involved with your life and shape it to your own design.

The quality of our experiences is directly related to the words we use and the types of questions we ask – of ourselves and others. Words carry the power of creation. Questions can empower us to break through our limitations.

Get curious about what the world holds. Ask yourself something new.

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