Dream Interpretation

Are you wondering what on earth is going on in your dreams? Dreams that recur - or themes that recur where the same things happen in different scenarios?

Do you wish to explore why you dream about certain things or certain people and how this can help you in your waking life?

Perhaps you already love your dream adventures and want to get more out of them. Becoming aware or lucid in your dreams is something that can be learnt and is a fabulous skill to have. And it really is so much fun!

A MirrorvieW dream session holds the answers to all your questions about why you dream what you dream and how you can use it for problem solving and recreation. 

You will be on a fun and insightful journey into the world of personal and universal symbols; a journey that is wild and wonderful and often just plain weird.

Unlock the keys to make the most of your night-time adventures - Book a MirrorvieW dream session now.

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