The Leap

Every single moment is a chance for something new.

If you are stuck in a groundhog day type scenario it is a reflection of your current thoughts and feelings. When you choose to focus on different things you will begin to have different experiences.


A whole new world awaits when you are willing to change your perception of what is, and what else might be true.

Begin by slowing down.






These days there are so many demands on people that their energy becomes fragmented. Depleted. We are being pulled in so many directions that we don’t have the time and energy for the things that are really important to us.

The way to discovering peace begins with slowing down. Take some time to become aware of stillness. Stop, and just take note of the present moment. Go beyond who you are, go beyond where you are, go to the place of what you are. Your eternal core.

You are not a part of creation – you are creation. You are not a puppet dancing in existence – you are the dance that brings that puppet to life. We are all expressions of the connective field from which reality is created. When we allow ourselves to expand our awareness beyond the perceived physical and mental world we encounter a freedom of unlimited proportions.

Carry no attachments. If your thoughts, feelings, actions or physical body are experiencing limitation it is due to a defined concept of who you are. You become limited by your attachments.

Carry no judgments. Judgment pulls you out of alignment. Defining everything as either good or bad limits your availability to be ever present and expansive.

Harmonize your thoughts, actions, emotions and words. There is a natural harmony and rhythm to life, aligning yourself with that resonance allows life to express itself through you.  By being present in the moment you are constantly connected to the field of creation. Aware, awake, alert.

There are no special tools required, no special time, nothing to wait for; it is happening now. This moment is your chance to follow the same pattern or to be different. Every moment is your chance to be the person you want to be.



The smallest shift in our perception can create a huge shift in our experiences. Remove the judgments and labels of good and bad. Remove the expectations based on past experience. The past is done, it does not have to determine our future. Just because you have experienced something before doesn’t mean you have to continue the pattern, and just because you haven’t experienced something before does not mean it can not happen. Life is ever fresh and new and spontaneous if we let it be. Allow yourself to be open to unlimited options and possibilities. Ask yourself what else might be true.

MirrorvieW aims to help you simplify your core values, enlighten you by removing burdens and baggage, and enrich your life by focusing on the things that allow you to feel peace and happiness. 

You can make the shift to a life of abundance and greatness  right now. The power to change is yours and yours alone. Step up and see how amazing and fulfilling your life can be.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” –Abraham Lincoln, Peter Drucker, Dr Joe Dispenza.


It does not matter who said it, what matters is that it is true.

Create a life you love..