The Mirrorview DOOR Session is designed to help you break out of your regular programming and see what else is possible in your life.

We can all get stuck in patterns and routine

In the same old same old

We  can become lost and bored and worn out

Do you ever listen to your soul?

To yourself? 

To your heart?

Its beating?

Maybe you never listen to your spirit

Your true self,

To the voice inside your feelings

The key to happiness is in being able to change your perception

Flexibility, adaptability, the ability to see  you always have a choice

You can always choose your point of view, your actions, your response

The DOOR Session is very simple.  

Get curious about:


1. What you want

2. What is real and what is perception

3. What your options are

4. How are you going to be different?

Dreams  is all about your quest. What is it that you seek?

Begin by determining why you want a session. What is it that you want to know or do? What is it that you want to change? Your dream is the beginning of your adventure. Details are important. Define your dream.

Objectivity is about discovering how your perception of the situation distorts it. Exploring your version of the situation or issue enables you to ask yourself “what else might be true”?  Objective reality has nothing to do with our own experiences of the world. Our personal experiences are filtered and distorted, take some time to become conscious of other possibilities.

Options is about being consciously aware of all the choices you are making.  All the things you are doing, or not doing. all the things you have already tried, and what other things you could possibly do differently. Discover what is working for you, what isn’t working, and what else you could be doing. Options is about becoming aware of all the things you could do. Every moment is a chance to choose


Respond – Response is about putting it all into practice and actually behaving differently. Your quest requires motion, movement, momentum. Take steps towards it. Responding to each situation with a fresh, unencumbered position will bring fresh results. What will you actually do that is different? Anchor your self in the present moment and be consciously aware of everything you give your attention to. These are your choices. How will you maintain consciousness and connection so that you can respond to life rather than just reacting to it?

What are you hoping to achieve? What do you want to be different? Start to function from a place of conscious awareness and see what is possible.

We can design our own lives: a little insight, guidance, and the correct tools will help you to do that. If you feel like you are stuck, blocked, bewildered, stagnating, wasting away, losing out, missing out, or simply being bored to death by your own life then try a Mirrorview DOOR Session today. 

Unlock the potential within you to be the person you've always wanted to be.