When we think about who we are we tend to think in terms of labels. Words, positions, titles, possessions. Society defines us by what we earn and own, and not by who we are.

These limitations restrict our perceived options.  Often we can’t see beyond these boundaries. We think this is all we are. We don't realise there are so many possibilities.


We think we know who we are, but this is a constructed persona. No wonder so many of us seem to be wandering aimlessly through life with a vague sense of "this is not who I am"


What we think we are and who we truly are; it’s two different things.

What we think is governed largely by what we have been told. Everything you think you know about yourself is based upon labels that have been imprinted upon you. All your life you have been told who and what you are. The things you are good at, the things you suck at, your personality type and star sign and how you should look and think and behave. But none of these society imposed boxes have anything to do with who you really are.


When you strip away all of the labels and stereotypes and expectations; what is left? If you are not a husband / student / sibling / accountant / maintenance manager / psychopath etc. then what are you? And what else could you be?


The reality you are experiencing has been created entirely by you. You have created this personality. It literally is your world. Do you ever think the world revolves around you? Well it does; your world anyway. You are everything; and you are no thing. You are No Thing because we are all a blank slate. Our soul comes here free and open and without limitations.  All the things we should and shouldn’t be, and the things we should and shouldn’t do, none of that has anything to do with who you really are and what you really want to do.


Imagine if the world was not a universe, but a multiverse,

or an omniverse. There is not one reality going on, there

are as many realities as there are people – more actually

because…... SURPRISE! we are not the only beings in

existence. There are so many possibilities. And so many

realities. Every detail about your life  has been created by you.


Now there may be many of you at this point looking at your life and asking “Why on earth would I create this?” I don’t know why you created this life, but I know that you did. There must be a reason. You created it and you have the power to change it. The most powerful tool for lasting change is your own truth.

Your truth is who you really are. We do and say things that we think are expected of us, we build experiences and knowledge and accumulate facts and figures and try so hard to be accepted. None of that has anything to do with who we really are. It is not about awards and trophies and corporate status or annual income; your own truth is all about the things that you love to do.

What do you LOVE to do? What do you look forward to? What excites you? As simple as it sounds the things you love are the reason you are here now.

They may be people or animals or activities or experiences or fantasies but whatever you love doing the most is the reason you are here.  

Whatever you love the most is the reason you exist.

You are probably not here to change the entire world Ghandi style, but you are here to change your world.

When was the last time you did something that you fully enjoyed? Just for you? When was the last time you just had FUN?

Doing what you love to do, enjoying yourself in every single moment; those are the things we came here to experience. All of us. When you are not really loving what you do then you are just waiting. For what? If you have nothing you love, nothing to look forward to, nothing to excite and inspire you, then what are you doing here?

But if you have nothing to lose, no expectations, no attachments, nothing to disappoint you; then what is possible? When you can let go, then you will be happy.

Look at all the labels you have given yourself then ask "what else could be true?"